At What Stage Should I Join My Future Green Card Employer?

My future employer is planning to file my GC PERM in the month of May 2018. Also I have PERM in process from my current employer. Is it advisable to join the future employer before filing the PERM or after the PERM is approved or after I-140 is approved. Basically need to know at what stage of the GC process I can join the future employer. Does my joining the future employer impact the GC approval process (getting PERM approval, I-140 approval).

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As far as only one aspect of the case is concerned, which is the ability to pay wages. So when your employer starts your green card from that date forward they must show that their tax returns have enough money to pay you. If on the other hand the employer has a very healthy tax return only their lawyers can tell them, then it doesn't matter when you join them so if you are worried about the ability to pay wages, it is better to join before filing the PERM. If the tax returns are extremely healthy, then you can join at any stage you like either before or after the approval of the green card. I-140 can be affected because of the ability to pay wages, but if the ability to pay wages is strong you can join a future employer anytime before or soon after the approval of the green card. More...

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