Extension of H-1 beyond six years, gap in H-1, late in filing PERM, etc.

My H-1B visa is going to expire in 01-Jan-2018 and if my employer submits my PERM application in the month of June (i.e. before 6 months of my current 6 years of H-1B visa duration).
1) If my PERM gets approved before my current H-1B visa expires (i.e. before 01-Jan-2018).
Would I be eligible for a H1B extension for 1 year since my PERM was approved before the current H-1B expiration?
2) If my PERM gets approved after my current H-1B expires can my employer file for H1B extension of 1 year since my PERM is approved now.
3) If my PERM is not approved before my current H-1B visa expires.
Would I need to go back to India?
4) I spent about 2 months (on vacation) in India. Can these 2 months be added back to my current H-1B visa? or this can only be added if my current employer files for my green card?

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Video Transcript:

Under the current rules, there are two ways you can get H-1 extension beyond six years: one is based upon the time you're green card has been going on and the other one is based upon the stage you are at and we don't care what time the green card was started. Time-based and stage based. Time-based works like this. The day of the first anniversary of your perm filing is reached you are entitled to a one-year extension of your H-1 on a year to year basis. Stage-based green card, the day your I-140 is approved, you are entitled to three-year extensions. So those are the only two ways.  

What if you are late? What if you have only eight months left on your H-1 when your PERM is filed? 

Well, if there is a four-month gap or a two or three-month gap you would either have to convert to another status or leave the USA and then you come when you're one year time is matured or stage based green card is activated because you're I-140 is approved.

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