Change of Job Description / Job Location on PERM and I-140

1. Working with Employer A - but the place of employment is the end client B (on site work at Client B location). PERM and I-140 approved. At this point, If I have to move to a different client C (Same Employer A - on-site work at Client C Location) - in a different State - Same Job Title but different job duties/job description - Would that need to file PERM and I-140 one more time?
2. Is there any language permitted in the LC for PERM - such as "relocation upon completion of the project" or "Job may require traveling/relocation across the USA" - so that the PERM and I-140 does not have to be filed again?

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Video Transcript

1. The job title and job description are different things. As for the location, that depends on the PERM. If there is a complete change in the job description and job title it is still ok if you intend to come back to the old title once the green card is approved. See how the location, the title and job description is for the future job.

2. Yes of course. This kind of language we put all the time in the PERM application. More...


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