Effect of I-140 Revocation on Priority Date, H-1B Extensions Through Any Employer, etc.

I have my I-140 approved in 2015 and its beyond 180 days now with Employer A.
If I move to Employer B a) Consider that Employer A revoked my I-140
b) Please help to confirm will it possible to get multiple extension with previous 180 approved.
c) Even if Employer B doesn't file a Green Card (Labor then I-140)... Can I get multiple extension with Employer A approved I-140

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FAQ: Effect of I-140 revocation on priority date, H-1B extensions through any employer, etc.

Video Transcript:

Beginning January 17, 2017 the law is that if your I-140 has been approved and stays approved for 180 days and atleast one or two days past Janaury 17, 2017, because if it was revoked after 180 days but before Janaury 17, 2017 when the new regulations came in you would have to look at other things but not those regulations. These new regulations say first of all the moment your I-140 is approved your priority date is yours to keep. You can take it to any employer, you have to start the green card all over again, but you carry the priority date forward.

The second thing that it says is that if in addition your I-140 stays approved for 180 days you will retain the ability to extend your H-1B on three years any number of times as long as the priority dates are not current with any employer for any job. So once I-140 is approved and stays approved 180 days your rights to extend H-1 beyond six years with any employer are quite secure. More...

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