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I am a US Citizen residing in the UAE with my Wife and two children. My Wife is a Syrian passport holder. We petitioned her case for residency in the US under I-130. We have received the first notice from the NVC which was on the 24th of June. The letter stated that all documentation necessary to complete the National Visa Center processing of your case has been received, and as soon as an interview date has been scheduled then we will be notified. How long does it take to receive the second notification with an Interview Date that we are closing on week eight? Is there a way that you can expedite an Interview Date? If the answer is Yes, Could we officially request your service? Case Number: ABD2014671004 Beneficiary's Name: KINANA WARD Preference Category: IR1 Priority Date: 25-NOV-13

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Hi Loay. Times are highly variable from a few weeks to a few months. Expedites are only granted for showing of some sort of urgent humanitarian situation in cases like yours. We would like to help, but I am not sure we can add much value at this stage. Contact us if there are any issues (other than timing). 

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