Parents staying in or traveling to the U.S. while their green card petition is pending

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Would there be any issues with parents reentering the country after filing for GC application? Say the parents entered the US on a B1/B2 visa but applied for GC while they were visiting (not for the first time). They were going to file for it once they were back in the home country anyway, but decided to submit the application now than at a later date due to some health situation that came up during the visit.

Are there chances of the application being denied/or will the parents not be allowed to reenter the country because there have been some medical emergency that happened during the visit? Should those factors need to be addressed before exiting the country before the 6 months stay time is up? And would it still be a problem if that has been addressed with the provider, given it will all be in the history file now? Would there be some state assistance that anyone can get some help with in terms of financial and patient well-being and all?

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I have known many immediate relatives of the U.S citizens and they have never had a problem. However, theoretically the problem exists. It would be right to do an immigration pre-clearance somewhere close to home.

Regarding your query on medical emergencies, you could tell them that your parents took the medical treatment. As long as there was no government funding I do not see any problem.

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