How long is the waiting?

I have a sister to sister petition on Jan.14,1998 under 245(i). Me,My husband and,our daughter already here in united states.We've been working now for 13yrs never stop. We bought a house and a car under our name,we file and pay taxes,we have a drivers license under our name.My question is what kind of financial support that my sister is gonna show,if we make more than she makes,is it not gonna be a problem? What is the time frame means? When the last time i checked my EAC at the uscis is sept.01,

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The waiting is determined by your country of birth and the category of immigration. The visa bulletin tells you when your date will be current. You can then apply for your last step of immigration. As to the issue of support, it should not matter if you make more than she does. Also read the instructions on Form I-864.

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