GC for wife - marriage annulled

I applied for GC in February 2005. I was married in October 2007 in India. I got my GC in July 2008 on EB2 category. I never added my wife to GC application after marriage because we had conflicts. She left to India in November 2007. I have got the marriage annulled in USA in December 2007. However did not proceed in Indian court. Now we have reconciled and want to get back together. Since there was no divorce in Indian court can I get a family based GC for her? According to Indian law she is my wife since October 2007. What options do I have to bring her to USA?

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As far as I can tell, you are out of luck till you get remarried and naturalized. A legal annullment strikes out the marriage. Whether done here or in India should be irrelevant. But you are so close to natz., this should be no problem.

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