GC for Wife

My wife and I have been married for 15yrs. I am a U.S citizen and she is Mexican Citizen. We have been in mexico since 2001 and I want to get her green card. She went last year for a tourist visa and they said she is band for 10 yrs since she entered the U.S in 2001 without a visa. My question is can I go ahead and file for her GC even though we have 1 more year before the 10 period is up? Also since we have been here I have not filed income tax since she has a business here and pays taxes here I dont show income but she has a uncle in the U.S who will be able sign for support.

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I have not reviewed the law specifically, but I think it is permissible for you to start the I-130 process even now and you can get a co-sponsor for the financial support.

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