Daughter of U.S. Green Card holder

I am married to a U.S. citizen. My two sons from Malaysia under 21 received their GC are already in the U.S. My husband could not file for my daughter as she was above 18 when we married so I filed on Sep 2009, I-130 before she turned 21 . My question, is there any way to bring her to the U.S. ONLY to visit us until her I-130 gets approved. We only want her to visit us and not overstay in USA.

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There is no easy solution. The only two obvious visas that come to mind and that available for someone like your daughter would be H-1 or L-1 (employment-based) visas. A student visa can be tried, but the grant us unlikely because green card is pending. I have an entry on my blog on this - applying for a nonimmigrant visa while green card is pending. Check it out.

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