Can EB-2 Approved File For EB-3

With speculations that EB-3 may go ahead of EB-2, can we port down to EB-3 from EB-2 using existing labor, in general is it risky to do that, what happens if porting is denied will we loose existing approved EB-2 petition?.

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The way I think it will work is if you have both EB-3 and EB-2 approvals already good for you. You can use either one. If you have an EB-2 approval and you want to take advantage of the EB-3 upsurge in the Priority Dates, file for an EB-3 I-140 with a copy of the same PERM application. If the I-140 is approved quickly great, if not and the dates become current while the I-140 is still pending, with the receipt you can file an I-485. So you will have an EB-3 pending with a I-485 coming along. Now if tomorrow the dates become better, moving for EB-2 because you have both I-140s in the works, one approved and one pending or maybe both approved by that time, government will automatically give you the benefit of which ever category is moving the fastest.  More...


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