EB-1C (Multinational Manager) Eligibility and Clarifications

I joined an IT company B abroad and worked for 1 year (Dec' 10 - Dec' 11). I came to US on H-1B (Dec' 11) and am still working with company A (it is the parent company of company B). In both cases I played the role of a manager.
1) Am I eligible for EB-1C (Multinational manager)?
2) In my case since I'm still with the parent company, does the 3 yrs start from the first time I came to US (Dec' 11) or will be from the current time (Oct' 14)? 3) Do software engineers (graduated in engineering) reporting to me qualify as professionals (EB-1C qualifying criteria for managerial role)? If not, what qualifies my role in the IT company as managerial and eligible for EB-1C?
4) What evidences are required from me / the employer to confirm my qualification for EB-1C and also makes it a strong case?

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Looks like you should be eligible for EB-1C. In cases like yours, three years are not an issue, if I remember the rule correctly. You can apply. Engineers qualify as professionals. As to the last point about good evidence, let your lawyers worry about it. I cannot write a meaningful answer. 

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