GC in L1-A Visa

I have 14 years of overall IT experience and performing Manager, Service delivery role for past 3 years. Planning to enter USA in L-1A visa. I have a team of 30 resources, working in Chennai, Shanghai and San Jose. They all report to me.
My Questions:
1. How long I need to wait to initiate the GC process?
2. Do I have a choice of selecting the type - EB-1 vs EB-2?
3. I don't have bachelors or masters degree. Will that be a barrier for applying GC?
4. Should I apply ONLY through my employer or can I apply myself

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1. You can apply for green card without any wait.
2. Yes, but EB-1 is a gazillion times faster for Indian-born people.
3. Degree is not a requirement for international managers/execs.
4. Your employer needs to apply. 

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