Potential conflict between employment in India and F-1 visa status

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I am currently working at a company in India. I am eligible to claim Employee Stock Option (ESOPS) on 17th August 2022. However, I will be landing in Dallas, USA on 10th August on F-1 Visa (For Fall 22). The company will still offer those ESOPs, but the official relieving date will be on 17th August. From 9th August onwards till 17th August, I will be on Loss of Pay Leave i.e (unpaid leave). I am worried that situation would create a conflict with my F-1 visa status.

1. I want to know whether this is legal as I will be employed at a company in India for 7 days after arrival in the U.S. on an F-1 visa.
2. Whether this will cause problems in future when I apply for OPT or H-1B or even EB-3 as my previous employment end date is 7 days after arrival in the U.S.?


1. It appears that you are getting a benefit based on the work you have already done. You will NOT be performing any "new" work for the Indian company.

2. I do not see this as an issue. 


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