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I am on a H-1B Visa for past 9 years and have EB3 I-140 (2008 Priority Date) from Company A and EB3 I-140 from Company B (2014 Priority Date). I am now with Company C. I am Heart Patient and was operated for Heart By-Pass Surgery in 2013 and since then taking my regular Medicines (for my entire Life). I feel stressed on continually working for 40 hours a week and feel getting a EAD will be a god's gift and I can use this EAD to work at my convenience.

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I have given a few examples on my blog please look at that.

Your surgery was a good four years ago I don't know if there is something particularly difficult about your medical situation, but normally people with bypass surgery resume their normal lives. In your case, like I said if there are any particular circumstances, you can certainly apply for compelling circumstances EAD and you can keep getting that renewed. More


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