L-1 A to Greencard

I work for company A for the last 7 years. I have been a manager with the same company for 5+ years. I am now in US for past 1 year on L-1 A Blanket visa. My current employer is not agreeing to file my GC. Some one told me that the scenario listed below is possible. Scenario: Identify a new employer who is ready to sponsor my GC. Since GC is about future permanent employment, that employer can directly file my EB1. I can join the new employer once my EAD comes through. Is this possible?

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Not entirely true. The GC IS for a future job. An employer CAN, based upon a good faith intention to hire you in the future, file a GC for you even while you are not working for them. But, an EB1 for an international manager/executive can only be filed by a company related to the company you worked for when you were outside USA.

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