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1. I have an H-1B visa which it is going to end in October 24,2013. My employer doesn't want to sponsor me for a Green Card, because they said that they only sponsor their managers. Although, their AT&T client doesn't want to lose me. Also, I would like to let you know that I came to US with a F-1 visa,got a Master degree in Business/Computer Information Systems, I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems (Peru). I would appreciate to know if I can apply it by myself and what chances do I have to get it and in case that I can apply by myself what are the steps to follow. 2. My Master Degree from a US University is not valid, even my work experience which is more than 10 years 6 years here in US and 6 years in Peru. Is it because I am from South America? I would appreciate a better explanation why I don't qualify.

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1. Under the current laws, self-application seems not to be an option for you.

2. There are only three categories for employment-based self-application: EB-1A (Extraordinary ability alien), National Interest Waiver and EB-5, investment. There is no category I can think of under which you may qualify for self-application (without an employer's help). If you would like a consultation to understand further, join our free community conference call. A one-on-one consultation may not be necessary.

Do note, if a set of new immigration laws gets passed, all this could change. To keep track of developments in the pending immigration law reform, follow this link: http://www.immigration.com/comprehen...on-reform-2013

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