Child Status Protection Act in Employment-Based Petitions

I wanted to understand how Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) works in the case of employment based green card (EB-2) of the parent. My priority date is of 2012 under EB2, I-140 approved. Can CSPA be used to calculate child age when my EB2 priority date becomes current? Wondering what options I have when priority date becomes current and child age is 21+

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Audio FAQ On: Child Status Protection Act in employment-based petitions

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Child Status Protection Act (CSPA),  in employment-based petitions will allow you to take advantage of the time your I-140 is pending. So if your I-140 was pending for 8 months your child can file I-485 with you if the dates become current until 21 years, plus 8 months. Hence whatever time your I-140 was pending that time becomes an additional grace period for the child to file I-485 with you. The only advantage you will get is the dependency of the I-140. Other than that, there is no advantage. More...


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