Employee is outside The US. How to continue a green card through consular processing?

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I have a valid I-140 from my old employer and have not ported it to my current employer. Currently, I am not staying in the US, and my dates have become current.
I have below clarifications:
Can we file for Consular processing GC from abroad through my previous employer if they are open to hiring me back. At the same time I don't want to impact my current job as the old employer does not have their presence outside the US.  As per my knowledge, I cannot file GC through CP; however, if I move back to the US will I be able to file I-485 without joining my old employer?

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The answer is yes on both counts. The law does not require you to hold the green card job presently. Talk to your lawyers about it and make sure everything else is in order. However, if someone is outside the U.S. he or she can continue to process his or her green card.

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