Confused - B-1 to F-1 change

I came to the US on a B1 visa got it changed to F1-->finsihed 4 years of undergrad moved on to 2 years of Masters(both in engineering). I am yet to apply for OPT. Is this going to affect my chances due to the entry method; also what will happen if I get a company that want to sponspor me. Would you advise me to go back home to rectify my visa situation. Because the B1 visa I entered the country with is expired, I haven't travelled out of the country. What would you suggest I proceed about this.I really would love to go back home to visit but scared the consulate will deny me. Confused as ever.

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You should be able to get your OPT and even an H-1 and a green card. But if ever you want to travel outside USA, make sure you discuss the facts of the case with a competent lawyer. You have to make sure you have a good chance of getting a visa to get back in to USA.

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