I have been revoked to seattle with visa B1/B2

Last november 11, 2009 I went to seattle for vaccation. I detained: 1-one returned ticket for may 3, 2010; 2-one electronic ticket for one mission on geneva from december 1st to 7, 2009; 3- 3books for my online MBA courses; 4- one visa B1 & B2 for 10 years issue on july 2007, 5- a letter for my employer. But when I arrive to airport the immagration office say that I came to work or study, but not for vaccation. They put me in Jail ARROUND 1 MONTH and they revoked me. I want to know the way to make my complaint and ask to review my case. I am an international worker since 1999.

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You will need a consultation with a lawyer. It appears you were formally denied admission and excluded from entering USA. The one-month detention sounds strange. Anyhow, get a lawyer, this is not a simple matter.

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