Change in Job Title after Getting a Green Card Approval

Come to US on green card EB2 (future employment base GC) consular processing. At the time of green card consular processing interview my employer offer letter mentioned my job title as “Programmer Analyst”. My employer is a consulting company and after coming to US on GC, I got my first contract project at client location (while full time with my GC sponsoring employer) with job tilte as “Architect/Project Manager”. But is it having similar job duties as my GC employment offer letter? My question is at the time of US citizenship interview will it be problem because of different job tittle between (GC offer letter and actual contact project at the client site), but similar job duties?

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We would have to look at your job title and job description in the green card and see how different it is from the position you took on. Unfortunately for consular processing people, we don't have that same law - the AC21 same or similar job law. So I cannot really comment that this is going to be or not going to be a problem. Generally speaking, if you are going through Adjustment Of Status process and your I-485 has been pending 180 days, your I-140 is approved that means you are covered by the AC21 rules. In those circumstances, a change in job title to a same or similar job is not a problem. More...



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