EB-1C International Managers/Executive Green Card portability

1. I work for an MNC, who filed my GC in EB1C, I-140 approved 2 years back, I-485 filed almost 2 years back, completed I-485 interview an year back, also holds a renewed EAD/AP card. My company laid off me recently, so my L1-A will soon get invalid. I got an offer from another company in similar role and responsibilities (SOC code: 113021), so planning to move using AC21 portability. However, my first employer was in e-commerce, whereas new employer in banking domain. So, my new job offer compensation will be 10% less than the salary mentioned in my I-140/I-485 by my current employer. 2. My case is genuine as my current employer is laying off and my role got impacted, with Coronavurus pandemic, it's difficult to find new jobs. Though the roles and responsibilities (role as people manager) will be same, but domain and industry are different and hence, salaries will be different in different industries. 3. Within how months should we file I-485J and what documents do I need to provide to my new employer when joining the company? 4. By the way, my current employer suggested to use AC21 portability to move to any new employer and confirmed that they wont cancel my I-140.

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EB-1C International Managers/Executive Green Card portability

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1. Even if there were a substantial difference in the salaries I don't think it is a major issue. The requirement of the law is that the jobs must be same or similar. The idea that someting is similar presupposes that they are not the same. I don't think salary is going to be a problem.

2. As long as the roles and responsibilities are the same and you are performing substantially the same job duties I do not anticipate any problem.

3. Regarding documents don't do it yourself. Get a lawyer. You need to file supplement J and it is something that should be assessed by a lawyer before it is filed. 

4. AC21 is good. Even if they cancel your I-140 it is not going to be a problem. Once I-140 is approved and it stayed pending for 180 days you are covered from every possible angle. In your case you are protected from every possible angle, even if the employer revokes the I-140. FAQ in detail...

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