AC-21 Job Portability, Changing Jobs Before 180 Days

Have an I140 approved with a priority date of Oct 2009 under the EB3 category and worked for the same employer for over 10 years from 2007 - 2017 I filed for my AOS in December 2017 using Cross Changeability since my spouse is born in Malaysia I left my employer after 2 weeks of filing the AOS for a better opportunity in terms of Compensation I used my approved I140 to get three years of H1b extension. My new job and position are in the same category and my new employer is ready to provide Supplement J if needed It has been almost two months since the filing and have received all the receipt notices and have also done the fingerprinting and haven't received any RFE Yet. Do you foresee any issues arising in near future and jeopardizing the application because I left my employer before 180 days of AOS pendency?

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I do not see any issue other than the time issue so if you are able to have the I-485 pending for 180 days you are good. More...

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