H-1B Tranfer, AC21 and I-140 Process

1. While I am moving my H-1 New Employer B, What if something goes wrong during H-1 transfer or after that in GC processing with new employer like RFEs etc comes up, can I move back to employer A if employer A is willing to take me back. Does AC 21 portability rule applied to my case also? Since I have not filed I-485 yet, as per my understanding this rule does not apply to me. While my GC is in process with new Employer B and I am in waiting mode for I-140 approval with new employer, What will happen if my time to extend H-1 petition comes up.
2. Can I still extend my H-1 with new Employer even if I-140 with new employer is in process and not yet approved. Can I use my old Employers approved I-140 to extend my H-1 in this situation.

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Watch the Video on this FAQ: If H-1B transfer is denied, can I go back to my old employer? When does AC21 job portability

begin? Can H-1B be extended through a new employer while I-140 is in process?

Video Transcript

1. You can apply for an extension based upon two reasons either the first year anniversary of your green card filing that your PERM was filed a year ago or based upon I-140 approval. So, yes you can file for a one year extension if PERM was started a year ago.

2. The answer is yes, as long as one of the two things exist. Either the I-140 has not been revoked in that case you can use it for extensions or the I-140 was revoked by the old employer, but after 180 days of approval in both cases you can extend your H-1 through some other employer like employer B even while employer B's own I-140 is still in process. More...


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