Getting Promotions Or Changing Job Description While Green Card Is Pending

Present Status: I-140 is approved and priority date Jan 2016. I completed my MS in USA. My company attorney/HR is telling me I can't get promotion till I get my green card approved. As per them this is Immigration law or this is part of green card process. Can you please confirm if there is immigration law which tells that if your green card is pending then Job title can't be changed and promotion can't be awarded?

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If we are speaking of a green card filed through PERM it is complicated because any substantial change in the job requires you to refile the green card unless you have the intention to go back to the old job when you get the green card. 

One point at which you can change jobs, whether job descriptions or job titles or even employers is when your I-140 is approved and your I-485 has been pending 180 days, that's the AC21 portability. More...


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