Multiple I-140 filings

Our community member spring09 says: Hi Rajiv, Thanks in advance. I have an question and keeping me up during nights. I am working on H1 with comp A, who has filed for my I-140 in Feb-08. And I also have an Approved I-140 ( Jul'07), have filed for I-485 and also have EAD from company B. I have never used my EAD from comp B, nor have I worked for comp B. Could there be any issues, which I should be prepared for? As I know it is legal to file for more than one I-140. Thanks again.

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As to possible issues, I can probably write a book. Generally speaking, you can have as many I-140's as you like as long each is motivated by a genuine desire to accept a job before or upon approval of the green card. As to your specific situation, consult your lawyers if they feel there is any problem. I hope this helps you sleep better.

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