Frequently Asked Questions - Processing Times

Premium Processing for EB-1-3
Has USCIS provided an update on premium processing for EB-1-3 multinational managers and executives. At the AILA conference in Nashville, it was reported that it would be available by the end of the fiscal year.

USCIS does not anticipate expanding Premium Processing Service to include EB-1-3 multinational executives and managers for the foreseeable future.

I-140 Petition Through Premium Processing
Should I file my I-140 petition through regular processing or premium processing?

Currently USCIS is accepting premium processing for certain I-140 categories. In addition to the regular filing fee, there is an additional $1,225.00 filing fee to upgrade to premium processing. If an I-140 is filed with premium processing, USCIS will issue a determination or an RFE within 15 calendar days.

Typically, these are some of the reasons when an I-140 should be filed through premium processing:
1) When an I-140 approval is needed to extend H-1 beyond the 6 years. Please see Rajiv’s blog entry for more information:

How to Calculate Dates from Visa Bulletin
How can I calculate my sister's possible visa interview? I am confused with these changes on final action date etc.

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.