Frequently Asked Questions - Green Card through Parents

Child Turning 21, Immigration Consequences for Pending Green Card Cases
Dual Intent Visas and Filing green Card in Multiple Categories Simultaneously

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FAQ Transcript

LPR petition for son

It will be faster for her to petition and she can do so as soon as she wants. I would suggest she should apply when she moves to USA. If you wish, you can also start a petition for your brother. He can wait in more than one category.

GC petition for a 21 year old

Sure. The fact that he is in Canada is not an impediment.

GC through mother ....

As far as I know your PD cannot be reused because you lost it through becoming ineligible for the visa category.

Father wants to sponsor me

Review Form I-130. You cannot stay in USA while or just because the case is pending, unless you have some visa/status that allows you to stay.