Frequently Asked Questions - L-1B Visa

Changing Status from Tourist or Business Visa (B1 or B2) Within the United States
Rules for Counting 6 Years of H-1B
L-1 Blanket petition

As long as you work full time and on the job described in your L-1B while you are INSIDE USA, it does not matter how long you stay outside USA.

Green card for L1-B or L1-A holders

Smaller companies can have a tough time getting an L-1A.

L1B - resignation in US

What you are asking me has nothing to do with US immigration laws. This is a matter for an employment lawyer in the state where you are working. Under US immigration laws, you can resign in USA any time.

L1B to H1

You will need to apply for an H-1 through the employer you wish to join. You should be able to apply for a change of status as a part of that process.


The time taken for L-1B holder who applies through PERM is the same as for anyone else from the country you were born in. No special case here, unless yo convert to L-1A and go through EB-1.


1. L-1B visas do not permit part time employment.
2. I think 35 hours each week (full time). Part time is not permitted.
3. Part time is not allowed under L-1B.