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Hey all my FNU friends

I Just got license today... that too without birth certificate...

It happened like this...

I was trying for license in different DMVs... last week went to a DMV near to my house.. there they dont have facility for written test, vision test etc..
But they processed my application. The lady at the counter was nice enough and didnt mind my name problem in VISA.. she took photo and and signature.. then said, as i dont have a usa license, i've to take written test.. for that i need to go another DMV. And she issued a letter saying that..

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Successfully changed my name everywhere

Rules are strictly followed here. Only thing we need to wait for a long time.. This is what I did to correct my name everywhere

1. April 2005 - FNU - Passport, Visa

2. July 2005 - because of this SSN got delayed for 4 months and received with FNU

3. July 2005 - DMV refused to give license, because they cannot give license with FNU.

4. July 2005 - Enquired local newspapers in Philly - They told that I need to get court order number

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