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Parents Visitor Visa (B2) Interview - Chennai Consulate Tamil

I would like to share my parents visitor visa experience as it might help others who are in my situation.
They are not educated and doing Agriculture in their own land. They don't speak or understand anything other than TAMIL.


I am in US and I directly sent all the documents to a travel agent in Chennai who helped me to file DS-160 and organize documents for my parents.
My parents just prepared a affidavit document for their properties through an attorney and brought property papers along with them when they come for interview to Chennai.

Visitor's visa issued - Chennai

My in-laws have been issued visitor's visa on 28th at Chennai.

Some points:
* I have sent the sponsor documents.
* Advised them to take special care about arrangement and presentation of the papers
* I have sent two sets of originals/copies for them.
* Trained them on the possible questions and the answers.
*They are both around 70 years of age.
*This is their first interview and they have never visited any foreign country.

The questions they faced:

Returned to US in 4weeks after 6months stay

I thought this info might benefit some people.
My FIL entered US end of July '04. His 6months stay expired end of Jan '05. Our request to extend the stay was denied and he left within 10days of receipt of that letter. But he returned in 4 wks from India (he left on Feb 6th '05, returned on March 3rd '05). At POE in Los Angeles, they questioned him, but finally gave him 6months stay on I-94. He has a multiple entry visa.

Visitor Visa Approved at Chennai

Hi All,
My mother got her visitor visa approved at Chennai Consulate. I'm also including the questions that they asked my Mom. The interpreter(requested for one) was already there in the cube with officer it seems.

1Q. Since how long your son is staying in US ?
A. 5 Years

2Q. Where is he staying?
A. YYYY City.

3Q. How many months you're planning to stay?
A. 6 months.

4Q. Did your son applied for Green Card?
A. Yes.

Visitor Visa Extension Approved

am sharing the following info for all, i am sure it helps:

my parents came to US in mar2004, got 6 mon entry. 6-mo extn filed early aug, website showed approval late sept, approval letter recd early oct. they have come to US 2 times earlier (2000 for 1 month and late 2002 for 5 mo). Note that we sent photocopy of I-94, NOT the original.

3 LETTERS: 1 from my father requesting extn, 1 from me saying I will take them around and will support them, and 1 similar letter from my brother.