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Citizenship Interview at Irving, TX

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United States

Just wanted to update you all, Yesterday afternoon completed our interviews at Irving,TX.

Mine was at 230 pm and wife's at 300 pm went there around 2pm and a white male IO called me at 345 pm and
started going thru the application very quickly and asked me to sign the application and photos that was
mailed previously along with application and asked civic questions then said your application is approved
will mail you oath letter in 2-3 weeks time, same is the case with my wife incidently same IO interviewed
her too. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the oath letter, there was no paper stating that
approved other than his words..Is it common not to give the oath letter right after the interview ?
I checked this morning no case update on the online.. Do I need to be worried or be happy -

1) What Ocean near east coast
2) What is freedom of religion
3) How many no of senators
4) What state borders Canada
5) When was the constitution written
6) When must all men register for selective service

June'07: GC
DO: Dallas,TX
PD 07/25/12

07/24/12: Day0 N-400 sent by FedEx Standard Overnight to Lewisville, TX
07/25/12: Day1 delivered
07/27/12: Day3 received email that application is received
07/30/12: Day6 Check Cashed
07/31/12: Day7 NOA received
08/02/12: Day9 FP Notice received with a scheduled date of 08/27/12
08/27/12: Day34 FP done
08/29/12: Day36 Online Status changed to "In Line for Interview Scheduling"
08/30/12: Day37 Online Status changed to "Scheduled for Interview"
09/04/12: Day42 IL Received with interview scheduled date of 10/04/12
10/04/12: Day52 Interview done waiting for the oath letter

Status is same for Spouse too.

Citizenship and Naturalization: