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Interview results and possibility of a denial

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United States
My interview was scheduled on 09/21/2012, went into the USCIS office 20 mins before appointment. I waited ~40 min after the appointment time passed and was interviewed by an officer. The officer was polite. I was asked almost all questions on my submitted N-400 and then wrote/read English sentence. After answering 6 civic questions correctly, I was told I passed the interview.

Then here it goes the surprise. The officer told me he had to offer me the opportunity to voluntarily withdraw my N-400 or it would be denied. It's due to the fact I filed the application too early after I relocated to the new state and the jurisdiction.

Here is my timeline:

5-year continuous residency: 08/17/2012
Relocated to the new state: 04/09/2012
N-400 receipt date: 05/25/2012
Fingerprint notice date: 06/07/2012
Fingerprints done: 06/29/2012
Interview date: 09/21/2012

I filed N-400 early based on the 90-day early application rule. I figured my 90-day wait time from moving to a new jurisdiction is also counted concurrently along with the 90-day early filing time. However, it looks like I am expecting a denial in my case.

Any thoughts about the odds of me getting a denial?

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