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N-400 Tracker

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United States

I owe this one to this forum. Went in for the interview today. Got sworn in.

6 Questions:
1. Capital of Illinois
2. Countries US fought with in World War II
3. Who can veto Bills
4. What is an ammendment
5. Who do you pledge allegiance to
6. Supreme Law of Land.

Got the oath letter the same day for Sept 5th.

17th April 2012 N-400 Sent (Day 0)
20th April 2012 NOA Received (Day 1)
24th April 2012 Check Cashed (Day 5)
27th April 2012 FP notice received (Day 8)
22nd May 2012 FP Done. (Day 33)
24th May 2012 Placed in line for interview schedule (Day 35)
24th July 2012 Online status "Interview Scheduled" (Day 97)
28th July 2012 No YL, IL Received for 8/29 (Day 101)
29th Aug 2012 Interview (Day 133)
5th Sep 2012 Oath Scheduled (Day 140)

Citizenship and Naturalization: