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N-400 San Francisco timeline

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United States

Interview Experience:
My interview was scheduled at 7:45 am on April 5th in SF. Got there 15-20 minutes early and there were probably only 10-15 others in the waiting area at the time. At about 8:15 am, an officer came out and called me. The interview was a breeze - he went through my answers in the N-400 application, made me repeat all the Yes/No answers filled in in the form. He didn't ask for any paperwork apart from the passport, GC and driver's licence. Not even for the traffic ticket I had listed - just asked me what the fine was. Then came the civics test (6 questions) and the reading/writing test. 

He then printed out the N-652 form saying I had passed the civics test and would be informed by letter when a final decision was made. He also told me that the next step was for another officer to review my file and I should expect to be scheduled for oath within a month or so.

By 8:30 am, I was out of the USCIS office. Btw, there was a sign on the officer's desk saying all applicants should present their passport, GC, license, tax returns and recent W2s, but the officer didn't ask me for tax returns or W2s.

DO: San Francisco

12/12/11 Mailed N-400
12/13/11 Packet delivered at Phoenix, AZ lockbox
12/16/11 NOA Sent
12/20/11 NOA received
12/22/11 FP letter mailed
12/27/11 FP Notice Received
01/04/12 FP Appointment / Done as scheduled.
02/06/12 Yellow letter received (minor traffic citation)
02/28/12 Placed in line for interview scheduling
02/28/12 Interview scheduled 
03/08/12 Interview letter received
04/05/12 Interview Date. Received N-652 saying USCIS will inform me in writing when a final decision is made.
04/12/12 Application in Oath Scheduling queue
04/16/12 Oath Scheduled
xx/xx/12 Oath date

Citizenship and Naturalization: