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My N400- progress

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United States

DO: Atlanta

06/07/06: Mailed N400 to TSC
06/12/06: Mail arrived at TSC and priority date
06/14/06: Checks encashed
06/21/06: Notice received
06/26/06: FP notice received
07/11/06: FP Date
07/21/06: Notice for interview.
08/30/06: Interview date.

It is all DONE. I am now a citizen of USA.

The interview process was very simple. It was scheduled at 8:05 in the in morning and I live 40 miles from MLK bldg and I knew traffic can be problem. As expected I got stuck in traffic and finally made it to the appointment 15 minutes late. That wasn't a problem at all. I was more worried about how my 6 month old would behave during the interview process. I had to take my daughter with me because even my wife was scheduled for citizenship interview at the same time. The interview officer was very nice and understanding and even tried to play with my daughter. Anyway, the interview process itself involved checking my application in front of me and updating any recent trip outside USA. He asked me 6 questions from a list (all of them from the book ofcourse) and after answering all the questions, he asked me a read and write a simple sentence. He then said he would recommend the approval of my application and asked me to go back and wait in the waiting room until someone calls out my name to give me the final status. As expected, it was approved and they said I can take the oath on the same day at 2:00 PM. My wifes interview was also successful and she was also asked to come for the 2:00 oath ceremony. We went home and came back for the oath and it was also a simple process. Several people came with their families and took pics and videos.

The next step is to apply for passport.

Citizenship and Naturalization: