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Guestbook Entry for Sunny Gurnani, United States

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Sunny Gurnani
Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States
I am so Thankful to Mr. Rajiv Khanna and team. Initially my company’s lawyer filed my H1B transfer with their own layer who screwed up everything Even I was working with the direct client and yet my h1B transfer got denied and my former company already had revoked my H1B petition with them I taked with many lawyers with Initial consultation fees but when I talked Mr. Rajeev Khanna oh my god he completely relieved my tensions he directly said that If you want to file a case with USCIS I will do it free for you however I didnt wanted that I just wanted to come out of this situation as I was Out-Of-Status So after handling my case to Rajiv Khanna and team (Mr. Rajiv Khanna,Judi and Anna) I immediately left for India and withing few months my H1B got approved without any RFE even my company officers were surprised with having no RFE I am so thankful to Mr. Rajiv Khanna and team :)