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Citizenship Interview Experience at Seattle Office

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United States

Finally after a very long wait, we had our interviews yesterday at the USCIS Seattle office. The interview and tests went well and the officer let us know that she was approving our citizenship cases and asked whether we would like to attend our oath ceremony the same day. We attended the oath ceremony at 1:00 PM yesterday and received our citizenship certificates. So to answer your question, yes the Seattle office has same day oath ceremonies all 4 week days except Fridays (I asked). Once you receive your citizenship certificate, you can apply for a passport the same day, at any passport acceptance location (Passport Agencies, Post Office or Court Houses), if they are still open for the day at the time and you already have all your documents prepared. We will be applying today at the Redmond Court House, the lines are generally shorter and quicker than what I have seen at our local post office.

So we are finally US citizens 18 years after entering the US, almost 8 years after our greencards and 3 years after submitting our N-400 applications. I'll provide more details on my interview experience shortly under the Seattle N-400 timeline thread. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

2004/02/24: Labor Cert. Priority date
2009/01/31: Green card approved
2013/11/13: N-400 Priority date - Seattle office
2013/12/05: Fingerprinting completed
2013/12/30: CaseStatus: 'Case Received'
3 phone service requests
4 online service requests
5 InfoPass appointments
Contacted Senator's, Congresswoman's
and Ombudsman's office multiple times
--- Status change after 2 years, 7 months ---
2016/07/08: CaseStatus: 'Inline for an Interview'
2016/08/02: 2nd fingerprinting completed
2016/08/26: Date change but still 'Inline for an Interview'
2016/09/02: CaseStatus: 'Interview Was Scheduled'
2016/09/10: Received interview letter, scheduled for 10/11
2016/10/11: Interview passed / same day Oath ceremony
2016/10/12: Applied for US passport - regular processing
2016/10/27: Passport received
Citizenship and Naturalization: