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Guestbook Entry for Koteswara Rao Ruvva, United States

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Koteswara Rao Ruvva
United States

If you don. t know the secret beyond TEAM WORK read the following. It is the clearance of Labor Certification in California. Rajiv and his team members filed on 10th May 2000 for my Labor Clearance under RIR category. It was cleared at EDD Sacramento on 23rd of May and sent to DOL, SanFrancisco for further approval. On 5th June I got a message from the GREAT TEAM and surprised to hear that the Labor Certification is done. . Excellent Job!!! Just in 25 days!!! Unbeleivable !!!. Probably it is stunning news for Rajiv too. I know the quality of the work, the efforts what they put and how systematic they are. Extremely professional!!! Moreover, they are easily accessible, including Rajiv. It is pleasure to me to mention the team members : Rajiv, Suman, Vijay, Richa and Priya. Probably there is no substitution for this team. So here is the secret: Go ahead and call 1 703 908 4800 immediately.