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Guestbook Entry for Rajasekhar, United States

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Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States

I completed my Masters program in Forestry at Stephen F. Austin State University (Texas). I accepted a professional position at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (Forestry). My wife and I had some concerns and wanted some stability as our daughter (first child) was born recently. We contacted Attorney Khanna and he immediately called home and advised me to convert to H1. My Supervisor and higher ups gave a very favorable reception. Attorney Khanna and his staff demonstrated high professionalism resulting in me getting my H1 status. We (myself, my wife Esther and Hannah - our little one) want to take this oppurtunity to convey our sincere gratitude for all the consideration and timely help. I express my best wishes to Attorney Khana and his team in their endeavor. D. Samuel