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We went and got my wife's interim EAD

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United States

We went and got my wife's interim EAD and walk-in Advance Parole in NYC on 5/25/04. The application has been pending for more than 150 days.

We lined up at 5 AM, got into the building at 7 AM. We went to a room on the 1st floor, where the EAD receipt was checked, we were given a yellow sheet and asked to put the A# and name on it. We then went to the 9th floor, where after waiting for 40 minutes, we received a ticket #. They said it would take a while to do the background check, so we went to the 8th floor to take care of the AP.

On the 8th floor, we were re-directed to the 3rd floor to get a ticket number. We did that and then went back to the 8th floor. We waited about 1 hour to be seen, then someone took our paperwork and asked us to sit again. After another hour, we were seen again at the counter and told that they would do the AP. After 3 hours, our AP was finally ready. The AP is valid for 1 year.

We then went back to the 9th floor to get the interim EAD. I noticed that there was a mistake on the AP and went to get it corrected. About 15-20 minutes later, I went back to the 9th floor. At about 3:30 PM, my wife was called by the photographer to have her picture taken and her EAD was prepared. It's valid for 240 days.

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