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Interim EAD experience at New York, NY

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United States

I applied for post-grad OPT on Feb 14, my card was approved on May 26. I never received my card and I decided to go ahead and go to get interim EAD. Handed in my infopass appointment sheet at the door of 26 Federal Plaza and was directed to the 3rd floor. At 3rd floor, an officer scanned my sheet and my I797 Notice to make sure its more than 90 days since I first applied for EAD. Then he gave me an N number and directed me to the 9 floor. At the 9 floor, my number was called. Unforunately, I need a proof of residence in new york. So I ran into the nearest bank center and asked for my address information on my account and printed them out for me. That took me about half an hour. I ran back to USCIS and handed them the paperwork. Then it was a 2 hours wait and I was handed an replacement EAD for the period I requested in the first place. The staffs were very nice and courteous.

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