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Interim EAD at Chicago Local office

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Intrem EAD at Chicago Local office

I have applied for my 3rd EAD on May 11,2005. My current EAD was expiring on July 23,2005. Since It has been 70 days, and I have not received the new EAD, I got the infopass appointment for today @7:30 and got out from there at 8:30 with IEAD for 3 months. Here is what I've noticed.

1) The person at the door was asking everyone if they had an infopass. and saying they do not allow any walk-in except the emergencies. So take the infopass if possible. It makes a great difference in waiting. ppl. with infopass gets prefrence everywhere,At the door and inside the office.

2) I chked the security clearence, and went to the 2nd floor, the lady at the information seen my appointment, gave me I-765 form to fill out (which I had already filled with me) and asked me to go to the area where EAD/I-130 were being processed. You need to put your Infopass appointment letter in the bin (labeled as Infopass EAD)there along with your I-765 form and take a sit.

3) after 15 mins. wait, the lady officer came asked me to step up, and said, " I need your current EAD, your ID and your receit for I-765 " I gave it to her, she saw my ID, gave it back and asked me to wait for sometime and said she will be right back.

4) after 10 more mins. wait, she came back and retrurn me my receit for I-765. and asked me to take a sit again.

5) after few mins. another lady came, and asked me to chk my name and birthdate on a paper and asked me to sign my name, and took my index fingure print and took me to the office for the picture and asked me to wait.

6) after 10 mins or so, the lady officer came and gave me the laminated IEAD which wasvalid for 3 months.

This is what I took with me. But she did not ask for most of them.

1) I-765 form
2) copy of I-765 receit
3) copy of I-485 receit
4)copy of current EAD
5)copy of I-94
6)letter from my HR varifying my employment.
7)copy of my recent two pay stubs

There was another fella with me, whose EAD was expiring today, and he had only applied last week for renew but had to come to get IEAD cos his company told him that they will fire him if he does not bring new EAD. To him, that lady officer asked to give letter from his company. so I think, to be safe side, you need to bring the letter from your employer. He also got IEAD for 3 months.

Hope this will help for ppl in the same situation.

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