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N-400 experience in Cleveland

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United States

This has been quite an amazing journey towards my citizenship. People have been super nice and responsive.

I arrived in the US in Jan 1995 (so I have lived here in the Cleveland area since then, roughly 21 years - went to College of Wooster). I got my greencard in 2001 (had it for the past 15 years) and now I am ready to be a US citizen!

They received my package on March 14.
My biometrics was on April 12th (29 days from application)
My interview is on May 23ed. (2 months and 10 days since application)

The gentleman at the counter told me it takes six to eight months for this process in places like New York but in Cleveland its much quicker.

3/11/2016: N-400 Mailed. (Friday)
3/14/2016: N-400 received as per FedEx. (Monday at 10:30am)
4/1/2016: Finger Printing Notice Received. (18 days after they received).
4/12/2016: Finger Printing Done (29 days after they received package).
4/18/2016: Got letter with the interview date (6 days after finger printing, 35 days after they receiving package)
5/23/2016: Interview date
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