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In line for an interview over 2months

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United States

I had my interview at 10:15 on Jan 26 (Seattle, WA). I arrived at 9:45 but they wouldn't let me check in til exactly 15 mins before the interview time. They ran late so they only called me at saw me at 10:45. It took 30 mins. The officer interviewing me was quite young and initially very formal but by the end he was chatting with me, really friendly and nice. Went over every page of my application and asked me to answer pretty much all the questions orally to check my answers against the form. He checked my travel and asked about trips I have done between application date and today. Asked to see passport, DL and greencard but none of the other docs I brought. Then did the Civics test. I got the first 6 right, so he stopped asking me questions after that (you only need 6/10 correct).

After I passed everything he asked if I wanted to do the SAME DAY OATH ceremony which was at 3:30. Or course I did lol, so much better than coming back another day. The ceremony was completed by at 5pm. From 3:30 to 4 was basically checking in. Then 4-5 was the ceremony itself. It was short and sweet and well put together. 

I am currently waiting on the N600 application for my son! Application send 1/27/16.
Waiting is really hard. I am still waiting for the final piece in my journey - Cert of Citizenship for my son - so I am still in the same boat 

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