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F1 Student Visa Refusal

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United States
I have applied for Student visa for Chicago IIT college as I had I20 for the same. DS160 Listed consulate as Mumbai but as dates were not available I have chosen the Delhi Consulate
I had an interview and I got rejection.

Below were the questions asked.
1) Why do u come here to Delhi for interview ? - A. I gave the reason that i couldn't get a date for Bombay in December ( My nearby embassy is Bombay )
2) Why Chicago IIT ? A. Gave explanation
3) Do you have Sibling ? A. yes Sister
4) Is she Married ? A. Yes
5) Where does she live ? A. Chicago

VO : Your visa is not approved, please try at your nearest consulate again

My question is
1) Should I go for another interview in next two weeks time with the same I20
2) Should I go for interview in next two weeks time with Different I20(Houston-Texas)college?
3) What are the risks and chances ? Does anybody had the same visa experience as me ?
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