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Naturalization Interview Experience

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United States

02/06/14: N-400 couriered to Phoenix, AZ - Santa Ana CA DO
02/07/14: Delivered
02/07/14: Priority Date
02/12/14: Check Cashed
02/14/14: Received NOA letter
02/21/14: Online Status FP appointment notice mailed
02/24/14: Received FP Notice - 03/04/14
02/25/14: FP done - walk-in Santa Ana CA
03/03/14: Online Status Changed to "In Line"
07/18/14: Received Interview Letter
08/20/14: Interview
08/20/14: Online status changed to: On August 20, 2014, the supervisor review of your case was completed. We will mail you a notice once a final decision has been made. Please wait to receive the notice before you contact USCIS.

My interview was as follows:

He was cordial, introduced himself and asked for me green card and DL. Then in reviewing my file, first questions or problem he had was that I wasn't working for my original petitioning employer at the time of getting my green card. I explained to him that I had an EAD previously to changing jobs. He basically was questioning me on the fact I lost my job due to my company being acquired and me being laid off, the implication I was out of status. I again stated I was advised by USCIS that this was the process to port your application to a new company. He still wasn't getting it and asked me to show him proof of correspondence. I explained the corporate immigration attorney handled that to which he seemed to relax a bit. I also explained that this same line of questioning came up when my wife became a citizen last year and they asked me to fax them information. I produced the fax to the immigration officer at his office. To which he said, so they approved her application. I said yes. He then seemed to be happy that there was a precedent and read the fax and said, oh, it's all explained here about your employment situation. I think the Santa Ana office handles more family based immigration than employment based and hence the officer not understanding the EAD.

At that we went through page by page of my application, new form, to which he wasn't used to yet. I'm guessing these are just making their way through the system. He was just being thorough and seemed in a good mood as we worked through any questions/descrepancy. We got to my arrest part, where I was most concerned. (DUI 3 years ago). He just noted he had all my court documents and saw my informal probation was 3 years this coming January, but knew the court records showed it was complete. I explained I requested and was granted early termination of the probation. He verified the date of the court granting and could see it was two weeks prior to me applying for naturalization, so he was content that the application was valid.

From there, the reading, writing and 6 question test.

He reviewed the case for completeness again, due to new form, questions around my work and EAD and based on that he told me he was happy to recommend me for approval for naturalization but needed to have his supervisor review the material I provided, i.e. the fax with the account of my employment history.

He came back in to the office after 10 minutes and filled out the form recommending me for approval, explaining what I need for the oath ceremony etc., the oath dates in Los Angeles and we left cordially and I thanked him.

I saw later that night the status online changed to what I wrote above, assuming that reflects what his supervisor had to override something in the system.

So now I'm waiting for the oath letter.

Funny, I wasn't anticipating any questions around what I though was a straight forward process on my EAD. I was quite concerned around the arrest and conviction of the DUI and it wasn't an issue.

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