Citizenship in USA can be obtained through naturalization or through birth in USA.

Traveling after applying for naturalization/citizenship pending

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1. My husband and I are planning to apply for citizenship and had Green Card for the 9 years. We are planning to travel to India for approx. 3 weeks in spring (March 2017)?<br>
2. Can I travel after filling application for citizenship?<br>
3. Should I plan that after biometrics or can be before that as well? <br>
4. The Green Card expires Nov. 2017?<br>
5. Also, is employment necessary or helpful when applying?<br>
6. Do we have to reside in USA 3 months at a stretch?

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N-400 experience in Cleveland

This has been quite an amazing journey towards my citizenship. People have been super nice and responsive.

I arrived in the US in Jan 1995 (so I have lived here in the Cleveland area since then, roughly 21 years - went to College of Wooster). I got my greencard in 2001 (had it for the past 15 years) and now I am ready to be a US citizen!

They received my package on March 14.
My biometrics was on April 12th (29 days from application)
My interview is on May 23ed. (2 months and 10 days since application)

New Immigrants Can Now Create a USCIS Online Account When Paying the USCIS Immigrant Fee

A message for new immigrants:

You now have the option to create a USCIS online account when you pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee. A USCIS online account will let you easily track the status of your Green Card, receive electronic notifications and case updates, and change and update your mailing address.

Although anyone can pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee on your behalf, only you can create a USCIS online account. Creating a USCIS online account is voluntary.

Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday), 2017, February 9

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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 9 February 2017:
FAQ: Extension of H-1 beyond six years, gap in H-1, late in filing PERM, etc; How can a US green card holder study abroad without losing their green card? || Automatic EAD extension, I-485 EAD; US Citizen applying for green card for brother or sister; How do we keep up with the rumors and changes in the laws; Should I travel outside the USA/H-1B visa stamping; When is an H-1B amendment required? || Job promotions during AC21 portability of green card; Impact of I-140 approval after 180 days, etc.

Other: Spouse of US citizen filing for naturalization; Following to join; Executive Order against criminal aliens; Change of status from L-2 to H-1B, remainder option, H-1 quota; Qualifying for OP after studying on H-4 visa, etc. || Starting green card from the I-485 stage; Going to home country for an extended period of time while green card is pending; Company going out of business during green card; Entry and reentry on visitors visa, etc.

USCIS Announces Citizenship Resource Center Improved for Mobile Devices

Beginning December 12, the free citizenship preparation and study materials in USCIS’ Citizenship Resource Center will be easier to use from a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Among the improvements, the new design puts key navigational links inside a single “hamburger” icon like that found on many other mobile sites. This redesign follows the launch of mobile friendly design on other parts of and earlier this year.

Citizenship interview schedule

We completed our interviews and oath ceremony this week. I speak from my personal experience only but I believe when you submit your N-400 applications, they try to keep track of both spouse's cases together. We filed 3 years ago and both our case statuses would change at the same time, even though I know I was the primary applicant responsible for the delay due to name and security checks.