Naturalization after Extended Absence

What is the USCIS approach to an application for Naturalization that shows that the applicant has continually resided in the U.S. for several years in addition to the statutory period, but might have had a prior extended absence after becoming an LPR?

These applications are decided on a case-by-case basis.

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My N400- progress

United States

DO: Atlanta

06/07/06: Mailed N400 to TSC
06/12/06: Mail arrived at TSC and priority date
06/14/06: Checks encashed
06/21/06: Notice received
06/26/06: FP notice received
07/11/06: FP Date
07/21/06: Notice for interview.
08/30/06: Interview date.

It is all DONE. I am now a citizen of USA.

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Data on Naturalization

N-400 Average Cycle Time 

This report provides the service-wide military naturalization average cycle times by month.

N-400 Performance Data 

This report provides the number of Naturalizations N-400 Regular and Military Service.  It includes office locations, receipts, approvals, denials and pending by fiscal year with current year-to-date figures.


Citizenship and Naturalization: 

N-400 San Francisco timeline

United States

Interview Experience:
My interview was scheduled at 7:45 am on April 5th in SF. Got there 15-20 minutes early and there were probably only 10-15 others in the waiting area at the time. At about 8:15 am, an officer came out and called me. The interview was a breeze - he went through my answers in the N-400 application, made me repeat all the Yes/No answers filled in in the form.

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Interview in NY - No decision made

United States

I had my interview today at 8:20AM. The interviewer called me in around 9:20AM.

He first went through the whole N-400 and asked me every question. It was like orally filling the form out. Then I told him about my traffic tickets. There were two - one in 2002 and the other in 2003. Both were speeding tickets (no DUI or anything like that). I had proof that both tickets were paid and kept the originals. He then asked to see my Selective Services card which I showed him. Then the english and history tests. I got all 10 questions correct. 

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